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About Us?

TAMARG is a family owned business. We have a unique experience when it comes to migration and migrating, which enable us to completely understand your needs and see you as an individual.

Unlike most migration agents, we have migrated so we fully understand your point of view, your feelings, excitement and anxieties because we have experienced the whole process ourselves. We also understand that for our clients, acquiring a visa is only one of the major processes that they have to go through and as such we are sympathetic and know how to help them through the whole process, as it is such an emotional time.

Our team are here to help We aim to provide you with a one stop shop for all your migration or visa needs, from a temporary to permanent visa, to help with finding a home, schools, jobs, and citizenship. Although there are obviously certain things we cannot do for example; we cannot go to an interview for you, our aim is to help you with all the right elements that will enable you to make your transition to your new life in Australia with as much ease and smoothness as possible.

Best reasons to choose us:

  •  We are knowledgeable and understand the complexities of the Australian Migration & Citizenship system.
  •  We can provide a bespoke and tailor made solution to address individual and personal needs.
  • Small, effective and personal service so our clients feel welcomed, understood and individual.
  • Our agents are approachable and our clients depend on reliability and helpfulness.
  • Professional and ethical, we have a duty of care to our clients and our practical attitude means that you will have honest and truthful answers.
  • We know that the visa process is lengthy and stressful; you can trust us to keep you updated with your visa progress, even if there is not much to say.